Saturday, January 18, 2014

Second Week in Vietnam. Change of Perspective.

Keeping with the idea of keeping stuff long story short. My second week in Vietnam was pretty crazy, and I was pretty sick. So let's start off with last Saturday.

Didn't do much. I played League of Legends mostly as everyone was pretty busy doing their own things. I just stayed inside. Didn't want to spend money.

It was my friend fan appreciation day. So free food. Fat people don't turn down free food. Got lost. Taxi put me in an alley. Had to walk about a mile to find the place. Scary as fuck. Thought I was going to get robbed. Got to place, ate good food, met new people, had a solid time. Decided to go see some new lights that were put up. Lights closed down because it rained. Went to a mall. Watched Kyle hit on a girl. Got rejected. Went to Hookah bar. Cute girls. Went home.

Went to see a motorcycle show. Hung out with Kyle and a couple of new friends, Tommy and Lance. Went to a placed called Cafe Kieu where pretty girls work. Old guys who order coffee and stare at the girls. Tommy's girlfriend is the manager there so we hung out. Talked to a couple of waitresses who looked like they were bored. Had a fun time. Left. Got my ears cleaned again. Shit felt fantastic. Stayed at Kyle's place for the night.

Went back to Cafe Kieu. Hung out with Tommy and his girlfriend. Met a new girl, Kim Anh. She is very sweet girl. Not my type. Girls who work at shops who has to please men (not in that way) just don't do it for me. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. Tommy and his girlfriend went and got changed. Met them up at Decibel where every Tuesday if you buy any drink you get free food (again, fat guys don't turn that down). And the free food is made by a "guest customer" they let make food every week, which is actually pretty neat. It was a bacon and mushroom risotto, actually pretty well made. Went to a club called "Lush" for ladies night. Turns out they don't check IDs. Saw 12 year old girls smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. My head started to hurt because my penis probably went the opposite way of erection after seeing all that. Decided to leave early, stayed over at Kyle's again and slept. Kim Anh texted me asking if I wanted to hang out on my birthday. I said we'll see.

Started throwing up and feeling sick. Had a big fever. Went home to my mom's house. Drank a lot of water, medicine and slept a lot. Forced to go see a psychic. Told me I'm a King. Says I currently like a girl but I shouldn't. She doesn't like me back. I should get married soon to a princess. Without a girl, I'm poor. With a girl, I'd be rich. Told me I should stop wearing black. Wrong bitch, black covers up my fat pretty well. Said it was in my best interest to find a girl younger than me. Marrying a fake girl will be the downfall of me. Guess what. For being a King, I'm pretty fucking poor. Played League of Legends, got to Gold 1. Kim Anh texted me asking if I was okay. I'm guessing Tommy's gf told her I was sick. Told her I was alright and she should sleep.

Played more League of Legends. Diarrhea started. This shit sucks. It was fucking weird. Realized the girl in America doesn't like me. My heart really hurts because I really started to like talking to her. Oh Marn, how could you even expect to get a girl that interesting to even like you, you're just a fat gamer. Yeah. I know. I don't know, it was just a nice breathe of fresh air talking to her. It's been awhile I've talked to someone that I was so interested in.. Oh well, life goes on I guess. Got to Plat 1. Went to get water. Saw a fucking FROG THE SIZE OF MY STOMACH. FREAKED OUT. RAN INTO MY ROOM. REALIZED AN HOUR LATER NEEDED TO PEE. WENT TO BATHROOM. FROG WAS IN BATHROOM. SAD MARN. DIDN'T GET TO PEE. 2am text from Kim Anh. I ignored it. She texts me at like 11pm then like 2am.. And it's so random. I think she's like... Trying to use me. I didn't really talk to her anymore. I don't care for it enough to chase it.

Was almost done being sick, decided it was time to go out again. Went out with Tommy again. Met this guy named Tomo. He was pretty chill. Went with Tommy to go eat some real Vietnamese food. I almost broke another chair. Everyone almost stared. It was funny. Went to Vietnamese Movie Theatre. Vietnamese commercials so funny, because they're so excited in the commercials. They serve kettle corn here, first time I tasted it I was grossed out, but as a fat dude, I got used to it. It was pretty good. Watched A Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Tommy's girlfriend fell asleep the whole movie. Tommy got mad. Went home, watched some LCS.

Went out with Kyle. Met a guy named Judd, pretty interesting guy. Went to Vietnam War Museum. Saw a lot of shit. Guy with no eyes because of Agent Orange played Piano really well. Saw a lot of fucked up pictures. Seemed like it was anti-American more than anything. We went to eat chicken wings at this famous spot near the airport. It was probably the best chicken I've eaten in my life.  Met up with this guy named Khanh and Allen. Pretty funny guys. As usual, all "Viet Kieu's" interested in girls. I think being gay is not tolerated in Vietnam. I mean I'm not gay but ya. Went around looking for girls. Ate some good food. Went around looking for girls. Didn't see anyone interesting. Went home. Cab almost drove over a dog.

Next week: My Birthday. January 23rd. Shit's about to get real.



Born with no eyes, plays Piano.

12 year old girls in da club.

Big ass fish!

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