Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1st and 2nd month in Vietnam Review.

Well I've been here for a couple months now. I guess two is more than one, so that counts as a couple since a couple is two people right. A lot of reasons have kept me busy and not being able to update this blog. I don't really have much time, been busy traveling the Vietnam country and seeing lots of stuff. I usually sleep at 9pm, and wake up at 5am. It's my schedule now and it's actually weird how different it is from my American schedule which is sleep at 6am and wakeupwheneverthefuckIwant-am. I've thoroughly enjoyed this country and I have been a lot less depressed and haven't had time to sulk in my depression while being here, which is a good thing.

Well, all in January, pretty much I just went out and partied with a bunch of Viet Kieu's. For the definition of Viet Kieu is basically Vietnamese-born Americans who came back to Vietnam. I'm not a Viet Kieu because I was born in America. Some weird shit goes on here. I've seen people shit in streets, piss in streets, throw up in streets, throw other people in other people's throw up's in streets. They drink a lot of beer here, I hear it's like in the top 5 countries that consume the most beer. I've learned a lot about this country, myself, and the culture of it all.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I found a girlfriend that I admire. It's been awhile since I've met someone who I can talk to (ok, I can't talk to that much because my Vietnamese is very limited). But I can express my real self without being self-conscience all the time. I've lost a bit of weight, I'm not going to say I'm skinny by any means, but this girl looks past all of that. I've only truly had two girls that I've liked in my life, and it was Kimmy and Jill. A lot of people probably know Jill because she was all over everything I ever wanted to write about for like six years. It's hard to find a girl who you actually like here because honestly, they're all in it for the money, or because you're from America. And I found a lot of those in the early stages of me being here, but this girl is different. She don't want nothing different, she just wants to hang out, drink coffee, and eat cheap food. Maybe it's a trap for the future where when I marry her, she'll want everything. But I trust her enough to not even think about that and I do genuinely care. She's been through the struggles and it's almost the same struggles I've been through going up so we have a lot in common. Before you judge me, no, I'm not looking into marrying her like 2 weeks after I met her, for now we'll just have fun.

So there you have it, for the past month, I've been to Da Lat (which is beautiful), Nha Trang (which is also beautiful) and hanging out with one girl. That's why I haven't been blogging much, but who gives a fk about this blog anyways. So I'll share an album with all the pictures I've taken in Vietnam for you guys to see!

Also, I'm running low on money, so I probably won't be doing any cool stuff for awhile. LOL!

Pics here:

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